Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ten Ironies of Writing.

1. You spend all day sitting in a room by yourself writing about people who are out in the world doing exciting things.
2. You are an introvert but you're expected to give speeches.
3. When people find out you're a writer they think you must be famous, though they have never actually heard of you.
4. Some writers actually are famous and have won awards, and most people they meet STILL haven't heard of them!
5. You have to be arrogant to expect anyone would want to read your brain-dribbles, but lots of the time you face ego-squashing criticism.
6. Some people think that a writer's life is glamorous, but in truth you spend all day in your pajamas with pencils stuck in your hair.
7. By the time your book comes out, the money you made writing it is all gone.
8. If other writers like your writing, oftentimes the general public finds it boring, and vice versa.
9. Most writers could make tons more money doing almost anything else.
10. Writing is the most fun you can have, and it is the hardest work you can do.


  1. This is great!!!!!
    Love, Shannan at

  2. I agree with all (esp. #10!) except #9. I am in no way capable of tons of money--I would've figured it out by now. :P